Delta Power Tools

The Delta Machinery Company is a well established American firm with a reputation for quality goods, reasonable prices and good customer service. Delta Power Tools are used by the hobbyist and dedicated wood workers. The range is comprehensive and carries equipment for whole projects for the home.

People who use the products can join an Owners Club and share information, experiences and tips. The company website has information on safety guidelines for different products. They also provide advice on techniques and articles on woodworking projects with plans. Warranties on Delta Power Tools are explained in detail on the site and there is a system to order a product catalog or owner’s manual. The parts department promises a fast delivery service and the network of Factory Service Centers also promises repairs on tools to be completed in five days or less.

Every craftsman needs a reliable saw and there are several kinds, designed to do different tasks. Saws for sale include circular, table, jig, tile, mitre and reciprocating. There are also radial arm, band and scroll saws. Sanders come in different versions too and include profile, belt, stationary, bench top, polishers and finishing sanders. There are also random orbit, with or without variable speed.

It is very important to choose the right lathe for the job and Delta Power Tools have a good selection, including a 16 inch Steel Bed Lathe and a 14 inch Cast Iron Lathe. Grinders come in different speed variations, such as the Slow Speed Bench Grinder, 8 inch Bench, 6 inch Variable Speed and 6 inch Bench. Every one who wants to be handy around the home must have a drill and the necessary accessories. The range from Delta Power Tools includes the drywall driver, hammer drill, right angle drill kit and the keyed and key-less electric drills. Some people like to have the convenience of a cordless drill.

Other tools available include routers, laminate trimmers, dovetail jigs, pocket cutters and biscuit joiners. There are also nailers, staplers, cutout tools, planers and drilling and boring machines. Jointers come in three choices of size; 6, 8 and 12 inch. Some Delta Power Tools are specialist and save a lot of time when embarking on big jobs, such as the Power Paint Remover. This machine operates on variable speed control and can remove paint from most surfaces. It is adjustable for right handed or left handed people to use and works with tungsten carbide discs.

Fancy Learning About Chop Saws?

Do you know your single from your double bevel? How about how to operate a mitre saw safely? Moreover, what are they even used for?

Take a look at the info here from Bradley to make sure that you’re getting the most from your collection of power tools by understanding how to get the best from your chosen chop saw.

What’s that? You’ve not even bought one yet? No problem! We’re even helping you to choose the best one based on the projects you’re looking to undertake and complete.

The right tools for the job can be the difference between a shoddy and a perfect finish, so what are you waiting for?